Welcome to Slapsy’s! Where we are all about great food at decent prices.

Slapsy's your old mate, and my old man.
As soon as I could walk, he had me in the kitchen with him, teaching me his family recipes and how to love and respect food. His passion quickly became my passion and now, Slapsy's Bistro and Bar is a product of these values.
Slapsy's focuses on fresh, local produce. Not too complicated, just done well. We are perfect for your next function, family get-together or just your new local.
We cant wait to see you soon!

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Lunch and Dinner | Slapsy's Bistro and Bar
Lunch and Dinner
Burgers and Light Meals | Slapsy's Bistro and Bar
Burgers and Light Meals
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Great food at decent prices

We'd love to see you at Slapsy's Bistro and Bar. Contact us to make a booking.